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Jaisalmer desert sunset

Jaisalmer is desert city which is famous for three things, 1st is its Fort (Sonar Quila) where still 25% of city population lives, 2nd its is desert where Sam sand dunes is one of the best place to visit and 3rd is the desert safari where one can visit the desert dunes and enjoy many activities.

Chetram Voyages, is offer its Jaisalmer tour packages since 2013 and here we want to share that whether you are from Delhi, Ahmedabad or from Maharashtra, you don’t need to spend thousand to plan a trip to Jaisalmer.

Below you will find complete information on how to arrive in jaisalmer, where to stay, what to do and how to do all these without wasting any money. And at any time, you want to contact me, call me at +91 9772282797 or call our manager at +91 9772282797/ 9828627722.

How to arrive in Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer train station and airport

1. Trains to Jaisalmer

From Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai or from any other city, the cheapest way to arrive in Jaisalmer is via train. Some of the best trains available for a trip to Jaisalmer are:

Runicha Express (14659) from Delhi to Jaisalmer and it takes around 18 hours to reach Jaisalmer. Along with this there is 2 more train option from Delhi. A 3 tier AC seat here will cost you Rs 1200 per person.

From Ahmedabad, train options to Jaisalmer are limited & currently you can check BDTS JSM EXP 22931, that leave from Mumbai to Jaisalmer & also stops at Ahmedabad. To get more information on trains to Jaisalmer, visit https://www.irctc.co.in/

Tip: Anther train option to reach Jaisalmer is to look for trains for Jodhpur, and then from Jodhpur book a taxi to reach Jaisalmer, which takes 4-5 hours. You can get a one side taxi from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer for Rs 2000-2500 per car.

2. Jaisalmer by road (bus or taxi)

Along with trains, you can also plan a trip to Jaisalmer via road from cities like Delhi or Ahmedabad. From Ahmedabad, Jaisalmer is 530 km drive (9-10 hour) and from Delhi, Jaisalmer is 795 km (13-14 hour drive).

Buses for Jaisalmer are available on daily bases from Delhi, Ahmedabad and cost is same as trains (Rs 1000-1500 per person). You can contact us via mail for booking bus tickets from Delhi, Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer, by filling our Jaisalmer contact form > Click here

3. Flights to Jaisalmer

Direct flights to Jaisalmer are only available from Jaipur, Surat, Ahmedabad & for other cities in India, all flights to Jaisalmer are 1 stop flights, stopping in the cities mentioned above.

A plane ticket to Jaisalmer would cost between Rs 2500 to 5000 depending on how close is Jaisalmer from your city. Like from Ahmedabad, place ticket is around Rs 2250-3000, from Delhi its Rs 2900-3500 and from Bangalore, its Rs 3600-4500 per person. Get the best price for Jaisalmer at www.skyscanner.co.in

Where to stay in Jaisalmer?

There are two options when it comes to book a stay in Jaisalmer. 1st is in Jaisalmer city and 2nd is in desert. Below you will find details on both.

1. Hotels in Jaisalmer City

When we say that look for hotels in Jaisalmer city, it means that either a hotel inside Jaisalmer Fort or outside Fort. Though more options are available outside Jaisalmer Fort, but still many of our guests ask for a room in the fort area.

So you can check hotels like Garh Jaisal, Hotel Victoria which are inside Jaisalmer Fort, but there as a tour company we will suggest to book a hotel outside the fort as they are more value for money.

Some suggested hotels (outside fort) are Marina Mahal, Mystic Jaisalmer, Hotel Priya (less than Rs 1500 per night) Fort Rajwada, Rang Mahal, Marriott Resort & Spa, Rawal Kot, Club Mahindra (star rated) and also check out Suryagarh, which is the most luxurious hotel in Jaisalmer.

2. Hotels (camps) outside Jaisalmer

2nd accommodation options in Jaisalmer are desert camps which are mostly situated in Kanoi village (35 km from Jaisalmer) and Sam (45 km from Jaisalmer).

Mostly travellers prefer to stay one night in desert camps as a part of their tour plan to visit the desert area, enjoy desert safari & later visit the camp for some dance dinner program and stay a night at the camps.

Some of the best camps to checkout are Rajputana Desert Camp, Dangri Desert Safari Camp (mid-budget) and Damodara Desert Camp, Serai Camp, Mirvana Nature Resort (luxury options)

The best will be to stay 1 night in city & 1 in desert, that what most travellers prefer to plans trip to Jaisalmer with us.

What to see at Sam Sand Dune, Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer Golden fort view

A trip to Sam sand dune is a must for all travellers visiting Jaisalmer. Sam is 45 km west to Jaisalmer & here you can enjoy activities like:

  • Camel & Jeep Safari at sand dunes
  • Folk dance & musical program at Camp
  • Overnight stay at desert camps (check this camps list)
  • Visit the sunset point in Sam

To enjoy all the above activities you must minimum give 1 night (from 4 pm t0 11 am next day) and all these are available with our Jaisalmer camp package.

Along with a tour of Sam sand dunes, you can plan to visit a few more sites by giving one extra day. These are:

  • Kuldhara haunted village
  • Khuri sand dunes
  • Tanot Mata temple
  • Longewala Post

Here Kuldhara & Khuri are under 50 km from Sam, and both Tanot Mata temple & Longewala is more than 100 km away, which require 1 full day trip.

Also checkout our:

Checkout our Jaisalmer desert safari packages, where we offer safari tours starting at Rs 500 per person (only camel or jeep ride) to Rs 2250 (all inclusive of transfer from city, safari ride, camp stay with musical program, dinner & breakfast).

Checkout all of our Jaisalmer Tour Packages, from 3 days Jaisalmer tour to 4-5 days Jodhpur Jaisalmer tour package. Plus we have also shared info on Jaisalmer tour from Delhi, Ahmedabad etc, starting from Rs 5500 per person.

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Also checkout:

Tourist season in Jaisalmer is from September to Match, and the months of November, December are rated as high tourist month when most hotels & camps increase their room rates. Plus you can also visit Jaisalmer during the month of february, when Jaisalmer Desert Festival is on.

In Jaisalmer, there are 2 popular sand dune areas which are Sam sand dune and Khuri sand dune. Sam is more popular as here there is no shortage of desert camps and other safari related activities.

In Khuri, you will find more of Village safari theme, where guests prefer to start in Khuri town guest houses and visit the dunes for camel safari tour.

A good number of travellers visit Jodhpur, which is just 240 km or 4-5 hour drive away. Plus there are daily trans between these 2 cities & buses are also available. You can check our our 4 days Jodhpur Jaisalmer tour package for more details.

Below you will find details on all our Jaisalmer related holiday tour packages, safari tours , car rental etc. And feel free to contact us at +91 9772282797 (Mr Singh) for more details.

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