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10 best Jaisalmer Desert Camps in Sam sand dunes

99% of traveller who visit Jaisalmer, definitely visit the Sam sand dunes to enjoy a Jaisalmer desert safari tour on camel or Jeep and attend musical dance program at the desert camp, which are just next to Sam sand dunes.

As there are now more than 50 desert camps in Sam, so it has become a headache to choose a desert camps in Jaisalmer with best service.

Now, we are offering Holiday tour packages for Jaisalmer since 1995 and thus below we have shared a list of top 10 desert camps in Sam and also of Khuri, which you can even book directly and enjoy a thrilling night at Jaisalmer desert.

But first, a list of Top 10 Jaisalmer Desert Camps:


Sam or as we local refer it as Sam sand dune is 45 km away from Jaisalmer city center, but surprisingly it lakes less than 30 mins to reach, thanks to the efforts of BSF (Border Security Force) unit of Jaisalmer. FYI – This Jaisalmer BSF is the same which was in Border movie of 1997.

In the below list, we have mentioned rates of camps too, but they can change as per season. So, do not consider them as final rates, but more of a advance booking rate.

1. Royal Desert Camp, Sam Jaisalmer (Luxury)


First on my list is a camp which even Lonely Planet has suggested to stay. Royal Desert Camp is at Sam road, and you can see the desert dunes from their tents as they are just next to Sam road.

A stay in Royal desert camp which cost around anywhere between 6,000 to 10,000 for 2+1 and it includes accommodation, two meal, safari tour on a camel & an excellent 2-hour local dance program.

So in our list of top 10 desert camps, Royal desert comes at the top. Distance from Sam sand dunes in 50 meters and Sam central parking 200 meters.

2. The Serai Camp (Luxury)


Serai desert camps is a luxury resort near Sam and has everything which a luxury lover wants. They have a pool, spa, AC tents (AC is not required from October to March in Sam as temperature dips down by the night) and some of the best cuisines in Jaisalmer.

The cost of a camel here starts from INR 20,000 which includes accommodation, pool use and spa service. Distance from Sam sand dunes is 90 km.

3. Rajputana Desert Camp (Mid-Budget)


Started in the year 2014, Rajputana Desert Camp is a new camp resort in Sam Jaisalmer. They have total 35 tents, a staging area where they only offer professional dancers and musicians to light up the mood of their guests, and the campsite is quite close to Sam dunes (200 meters), so they offer camel safari directly from their tents.

They also offer paragliding & dirt bike tours which are payable.

The cost of 1 camp here is between INR 4000 to INR 7000 in which they provide two major meals and 2 hours of an exotic musical program.

Also have a look at our Jodhpur and Jaisalmer tour package, if you are planning to visit Thar desert of Rajasthan.

4. Dangri Desert Camp, Sam (Mid-Budget)


Dangri desert camp is also a new campsite which offers accommodation in their 37 Swiss camps, local musical program, and cuisine. The camp also assists their guests in arranging safari tours and has made its name in a year with its high-quality customer service.

The charge of a camp here is INR 4250 to 6250 which includes two meals and from their location, sand dunes of Sam are just 300 meters.

5. Heritage Queen Desert Camp (Budget)

Heritage queen desert camp

Heritage Queen Desert Camp is perfect camping option for travelers who wants to explore sand dunes at affordable rates. Heritage Queen Desert Camp is at Sam road and just few km before central Sam parking.

One can get camel and jeep for safari tour from their camp and a camp in Heritage Queen Desert Camp will cost between INR 3800 to INR 5800.

6. Damodra Desert Camp (Luxury)


Damodra desert camp is a small but beautiful Swiss camp property which has 10 camps, a nice small stage for evening musical program and a nice kitchen which offers great food. The campsite is in Damodra village which is 15 km from Sam sand dunes.

The price of accommodation here is for INR 10,000 which includes private camp, dinner & breakfast and night musical show.

7. The Mama’s desert camp (Mid-Budget)


The Mama’s camp is an excellent mid-budget camp in Jaisalmer, but in Khuri, which is 40 km away. Khuri is a new sand dune destination which is getting popular every year. So for those who want to stay in a desert camp for more than a day and in a peaceful village, Mama’s camp is an excellent option.

One needs to pay INR 6500 for a camp which includes dinner, breakfast and camel safari ride in Khuri.

Apart from this list on Jaisalmer desert camps, also have a look at our latest list of Top 10 Resorts in Jaipur.

8. Chokhi Dhani Desert Camp (Mid-Budget)


Chokhi Dhani Desert Camp is also an old camp resort serving travelers with their 30 camps and multi-cuisine kitchen. The camp is on Sam road, just next to Royal desert camp and thus, one can see sand dunes from their reserved camps.

The cost of camp here is from INR 3900-5900 which includes two meals and complimentary camel safari.

9. Rawla Desert Camp (Mid-Budget)


Rwala desert camp is a bit away from other camps in a remote area of Sam, which is perfect for travelers who wants to get close to nature in the desert area.

The camp offers Swiss tents and mud cottages for accommodation along with an excellent kitchen serving limited but tasty food.

The cost of accommodation here is from INR 4250-6250, and it includes meals & musical evening program.

 10. Sam Sand Dune Camp, Khuri

sam sand dune camp

Last on our top 10 Jaisalmer desert camps in Sam sand dunes is Sam Sand Dune Camp. The campsite is at Khuri and offers night stay in tents and cottages, gala dinner & breakfast, Rajasthani musical program and assistance with safari tours.

The cost for a stay here starts from INR 4000 to 7000 and that includes mean and safari tour.

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