Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and is popularly known as the pink city. It is also the gateway to the most vibrant and colorful state of India, Rajasthan. This city is the first planned city of the country and was established by Jai Singh II in 1727.

Jaipur is rich with architectural brilliance, culture and heritage. There are majestic palaces and wonderful forts, beautiful havelis and temples that adorn the city of Jaipur. All these interesting travel destinations make Jaipur an ideal and very popular tourist destination in India.

When I stepped into the city of Jaipur, the first thing that caught my eye was the vibrancy and the colors of the city.

You need to visit Jaipur to check it out yourself. There are colors everywhere and when you are traveling to such a colorful and exotic city of Jaipur, would you come back empty handed? You dare not, since if you miss out on all the popular shopping destinations of the city while on a trip, you will definitely miss out on a chunk of city life in Jaipur.

So here is a quick guide to all the interesting shopping destinations in Jaipur:

Johari Bazar


Johari Bazar is the largest mall in the city and is also the oldest. When you step into the bazar, you can very well feel overwhelmed like I did.

There are more than 400 shops and stores inside the mall and all of them have some rich variety of products and items in offer for you.Ranging from Kundan Jadau jewelries, that are especially available in Rajasthan, to handcrafted items you can find all types of merchandize in Johari Bazar.

Bapu Bazar


If you are looking for the typical and traditional Jaipuri items, Bapu Bazar is the place to be. It is a treasure trove for items like Jaipuri Jutis, bedcovers, cushions, suits etc.

The Bapu Bazar is located at the heart of Jaipur and appeals to the travelers and the locals alike for its liveliness and product stocks.

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Chokhi Dhani


The term “Chokhi Dhani” means “special village” and it is actually a mock village designed with rajasthani culture and tradition. It is a great shopping destination and also an excellent entertaining place for the children to spend an evening in. There are a bevy of entertainment and shopping available in Chokhi Dhani and is a must visit place in Jaipur.

MI Road


The MI Road stands for Mirza Ismail Road. It is one of the most important roads in Jaipur. It is also one of the busiest shopping destinations for the travelers in Jaipur. You can shop for readymade and branded apparels and also jewelry from MI Road shops. There are several ancient shops on this road that sell artifacts and handcrafts, apparel and silver jewelry etc.

Amer Road


Amer Road has lots of blue pottery showrooms which are worth taking a look at. If you want to taste some of the most authentic Rajasthani dishes, you should definitely try the Kebabs sold at Amer Road. I bet, you will never be able to forget the taste in your entire life time!