Videos of Jaisalmer City

Click the below image to open a Youtube video on Jaisalmer city tourist sites. We will soon add more.

A mobile made a presentation of Jaisalmer video with English commentary. Best to gather details on Jaisalmer tourism.

[fusion_lightbox type=”video” full_image=”” video_url=”” thumbnail_image=”” alt_text=”1. Jaisalmer City Video” description=”An excellent & original video of Jaisalmer city tourist sites.” class=”” id=””]1. Jaisalmer City Video[/fusion_lightbox]

An HD video on Jaisalmer Fort, it’s haveli (mansions) and Gadisar Lake. All these 3 attractions group are within a radius of 4-5 km.

[fusion_lightbox type=”video” full_image=”” video_url=”” thumbnail_image=”” alt_text=”2. Jaisalmer City HD presentation” description=”A presentation of Jaisalmer Fort, Lake & mansions in HD.” class=”” id=””]2. Jaisalmer City HD presentation[/fusion_lightbox]